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The increase of both the number and severity of violent behaviors among our children is a major threat. It is the inner terrorism consuming us.

Too many of our children and youth are victims of bullying, harassment and even emotional, physical, sexual as well as virtual abuse.

We are in the middle of a struggle that will determine the character and future of both our youth and society in Israel.

    • 33% of all cases of violence in children take place in schools.
    • 500,000 children and youth (1/6) are defined by the National Insurance Institute as being at-risk, out of which 134,000 are regarded as being at high risk.

Atid Batuah (Hebrew for Secure Future) is a forum of leading members in Israeli society acting to secure a better future for our children, free of violence and risk behaviors, and with better prospects to develop their full potential.

Our programs are based on the “Active, Preventive Educational Strategies”, developed by Abraham Hemmo and Mira Friedman Hemmo. These programs were adopted by the UN (The Cairo Convention, 1994).

Our uniqueness:

    • Mobilizing the youngsters themselves as agents of social change – to influence their peers.
    • Primary prevention of violence and risk behaviors, before it is too late.
    • Aiming at the majority of the children – since every child is at risk.

Our programs include:

  • Young Leaders Program: Young leaders for Secure Future in schools – Flagship program.

Youth groups act as ambassadors to prevent violence, social entrepreneurs leading projects in school and community.

  • Projects: Violence and cyberbullying prevention projects

Preventing bullying and “shaming” on social networks. Young leadership groups are working to change the discourse on the network, identify victims and assailants – and refer them to professional parties.

  • Tnufa: Creating a Secure Future in Our City”

A multi-system urban program dedicated to continually improve the well-being of children and youth by preventing violence and dangerous behaviors. The program is run in Tirat Carmel.

  • Venture Competition: “National Venture Competition – “Creating a Secure Future”

The annual national competition that appeals to all teams of all ages is an opportunity to promote key values as a way of life for violence prevention through ventures in the fields of painting, photography, media and sports. Schools that win the first three places are invited to present their products at the distinguished status of the national annual event at the end of the year. Every year a bonus is given to the extent of the venture’s exposure on social networks.

    • “Meshi” (LTI) Program – Leaders of Tribes of Israel: A program for developing leadership skills and social entrepreneurship with an emphasis on bringing together hearts from different countries of origin, while promoting unity and cultural unity, in collaboration with the “essence” of the Ashdod municipal network and with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

  • Safe Space: A program dedicated for developing leadership skills and social entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on encouraging respectful, encouraging and interpreting social networks to identify victims and assailants, and to encourage “side by side” intervention.

The program is under the initiative and development of “Secure Future”, in response to a call from the Foundation for Children and Youth at Risk, Social Security.

We have the power to prevent violence and create change, not after our children become victims of violence, alcohol or drugs, but now, when we still have the opportunity to save them. This is a major challenge for each of us.

Our Programs

  1. “Young Leaders for a Secure Future in schools” – leading program.
  2. Programs against Violence and Cyberbullying among children and teenagers.
  3. “Tnufa: Creating a secure future in our communities”.
  4. National Annual Competition – “Creating a Secure Future”
  5. Promoting tolerance and understanding among the various immigrant groups in Israel.

Quotations – Young Leaders’ Opinions

Why do I participate in the “Atid Batuah” Meetings?

“To change something in the world, Even the smallest thing, and besides to be exposed to other people’s opinions”.

“I believe that we can influence youngsters and children”.

What did I learn in the “Atid Batuah” meetings?

“I’ve learned that there are diverse people in our community, and we should accept all of them regardless of their differences”.

“How to prevent violence because I am capable of it, and it’s in my hands”.

How the activities help me in every-day life?

“I’ve prevented several violence events, together with the members of the team”.

“To think before I speak and before I write in the social media.”

Members of Secure-Future

אירוע עתיד בטוח
דוד עברי

Ivry David, Maj. Gen. (ret.)

Honorary President

President, Boeing Israel. Former Duties: Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Ambassador of Israel to the US, Director-General, Ministry of Defense

מירה פרידמן חמו

Friedman Hemmo Mira

Founding President

Co. C.E.O - H.E.M.O Safety Center, Honorary President – Commercial Industrial Club

אברהם חמו

Hemmo Abraham, Col (ret.)

Honorary Founder

Owner & C.E.O - H.E.M.O Safety-Center Former Duties: Commander, Israel Police Force - Head of Juvenile Delinquency Department, District-Governor, Rotary, 2002/3 - Zone 2490.

עזריאל נבו

Nevo Azriel, Brig.Gen (ret.)


Chief military adjutant of 4 Prime Ministers. Chairman, Levinsky College of Education

ניסים כהן

Cohen Nissim


MSW Social Worker. Former Duties: Different senior roles at the ministry of social affairs and social services, as well as Rishon-Lezion municipality

יאיר אורגלר

Orgler Yair, Ph.D

Head of Devlopment and Funds

Professor Emeritus, The Coller Graduate School of Management, Tel Aviv University. Former Duties: Chairman of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange; Incumbent of the Goldreich Chair of Multinational Banking.

בני אברהמי

Avrahami Benjamin, M.ED, Ph.D

Board Director

Former Director, Tel Aviv Municipality, Anti Drug And Alcohol Authority

שרה גוטר דודזון

Guter-Davidson Sara

Board Director

Former Duties: Secretary of the Board of Directors, the Israel Electricity Company

אתי גלר

Geller Etti

Board Director


חיים דייטשמן

Dajczman Haim

Head of Young Leadership

Principal Thelma Yellin High School Of The Arts


Dotan Amnon

Board Director

President of Israel Commercial and Industrial Club Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Israel Chairman of investment consulting firm Former Chairman of Readymix Israel Ltd., Nesher Cement Enterprises, Taavura Holdings Honorary President of the Israel Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce and Industry Honorary President of the Israel-British Chamber of Commerce


Levy Menashe

Board Director


עמי לוין

Levin Ami

Board Director


זאב ליכטנזון

Lichtenzon Zeev, ADV

Board Director

Creative Marketing Communication & Strategy Expert, Chairman, Lichtenzon Group


Meron Avraham, CPA

Board Director

Accountant, Advisor

זיוה פורת

Porath Ziva

Board Director

Former Duties: CEO , the Netanya Development Fund; owner and CEO, a Haute Couture Exporting factory


Peri Avi, Col (ret.)

Board Director

Former role- Commanding Officer, Mamram Technological Department, IDF VC Fund Chairman, CEO & General manager with dozens of Hi-Tech and Startup companies


Peres Yoni, V.MD

Board Director

Veterinarian, Founder and manager of the "Veterinarian Center in the Village" Veterinarian Hospital

רמי צבעוני

Zivony Rami

Board Director

Former CEO, Malam-Team Computers & Systems. CEO, Various Start Up Companies Director and Consultant, Various High Tech Companies

אבי צפרוני

Zifroni Avi, Ph.D

Board Director

Former Duties: Head of the Education Values Division, Intl. ORT

סימון קוטלרמן

, Kotlerman Simon

Board Director, Adv

Strategy Consultant, head of "Leaders Together" program and "Youth Forum" of Atid Batuah

גדעון רוס

Ross Gideon

Board Director



Gabbay Ezra


Managing Partner, Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer, Earnest & Young, Israel


Assaf Abraham

Member of the Audit committee

Chairman, Amanet Management & Systems Ltd.

עמוס עוזני

Usani Amos, ADV

Member of the Audit committee

Former Duties: CEO, The Israeli Railroad Authority, CEO the port of Haifa


Alkalay Mathilda

Member of General Assembly

Owner and CEO, Alkalay Inc


Gvaram Yona

Member of General Assembly

Former headmaster of primary school in Rishon Le Zion


Lev Dafna

Member of General Assembly



Hod Eitan

Member of General Assembly

Former Owner and CEO of Gestetnertec Ltd, Israel


Neeman Moshe, ADV

Member of General Assembly

Partner, Shibolet & co.


Segal Zalman, M.A.

Member of General Assembly

Former Chief Executive Bank Leumi western hemisphere, member of the board of directors


Fikhte Guy

Member of General Assembly



Tam Susanne

Member of General Assembly

Provides Support to organizations from all sectors in planning, writing and implementing a custom-tailored Effective Organizational Ethics Program, Holds an MBA (Major in finance) and formally the CEO of the Israeli chapter of Transparency International


דפנה דלמדה

Dalmeida Dafna

Administrative Manager
אביבה בן ארי

Ben-Ari Aviva

Professional Manager