About Secure-Future

The increase of both the number and severity of violent behaviors among our children is a major threat. It is the inner terrorism consuming us.

Too many of our children and youth are victims of bullying, harassment and even emotional, physical, sexual as well as virtual abuse.

We are in the middle of a struggle that will determine the character and future of both our youth and society in Israel.

  • 33% of all cases of violence in children take place in schools.
  • 500,000 children and youth (1/6) are defined by the National Insurance Institute as being at-risk, out of which 134,000 are regarded as being at high risk.

Atid Batuah (Hebrew for Secure Future) is a forum of leading members in Israeli society acting to secure a better future for our children, free of violence and risk behaviors, and with better prospects to develop their full potential.

Our programs are based on the "Active, Preventive Educational Strategies", developed by Abraham Hemmo and Mira Friedman Hemmo. These programs were adopted by the UN (The Cairo Convention, 1994).

Our Programs

    1. “Young Leaders for a Secure Future in schools” – leading program.
    2. Programs against Violence and Cyberbullying among children and teenagers.
    3. “Tnufa: Creating a secure future in our communities”.
    4. National Annual Competition – "Creating a Secure Future"
    5. Promoting tolerance and understanding among the various immigrant groups in Israel.
  • Our uniqueness

    • Mobilizing the youngsters themselves as agents of social change – to influence their peers.
    • Primary prevention of violence and risk behaviors, before it is too late.
    • Aiming at the majority of the children – since every child is at risk.

    Members of Secure-Future

    Working voluntarily

    דוד עברי
    Ivry David, Maj. Gen. (ret.)
    Honorary President

    .President, Boeing Israel
    Former Duties: Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Ambassador of Israel to the US, Director-General, Ministry of Defense

    מירה פרידמן חמו
    Friedman Hemmo Mira
    Founding President

    Co. C.E.O - H.E.M.O Safety Center, Honorary President – Commercial Industrial Club

    אברהם חמו
    Hemmo Abraham, Col (ret.)
    Honorary Founder

    Owner & C.E.O - H.E.M.O Safety-Center
    Former Duties: Commander, Israel Police Force - Head of Juvenile Delinquency Department, District-Governor, Rotary, 2002/3 - Zone 2490

    עזריאל נבו
    Nevo Azriel, Brig.Gen (ret.)

    Chief military adjutant of 4 Prime Ministers. Chairman, Levinsky College of Education

    ניסים כהן
    Cohen Nissim

    MSW Social Worker. Former Duties: Different senior roles at the ministry of social affairs and social services, as well as Rishon-Lezion municipality

    יאיר אורגלר
    Orgler Yair, Ph.D
    Head of Devlopment and Funds

    Professor Emeritus, The Coller Graduate School of Management, Tel Aviv University. Former Duties: Chairman of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange; Incumbent of the Goldreich Chair of Multinational Banking


    דפנה דלמדה
    Dalmeida Dafna
    Administrative Manager
    אביבה בן ארי
    Ben-Ari Aviva
    Professional Manager

    Our Projects

    Young Leaders
    Active Cities

    Young Leaders Program

    Prevention of online violence

    "Tnufa: Creating a Secure Future in our Community”

    Promoting Tolerance and Understanding among New Immigrant Populations

    Annual Competition

    Safe Space

    Our Supporters and Partners